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2016/08/17 2017/11/30

FMT is an exciting unique new product never seen before by the motorcycle industry.

Designed to make motorcycle transportation simple and efficient the FMT makes the loading of amotorcycle a breeze, with a unique brake back system that allows the motorcycle to roll on and off easily. Towing the FMT is a worry free joy, with a robust design allowing for on and off road towing at any speed up to 100 km/h safely.

The FMT is available as a single track, double track (2 bikes) and as a flat top folding trailer which allows for quad bike transportation. These trailers are versatile and can be used as multipurpose trailers (not just for motorcycle transportation).
Recognising the limitation of existing trailers this product is ideal for any one with limited storage space, travels large distances towing a motorcycle or even motorcycle clubs that have parking issues. When not in use, the highly innovative FMT™ is simply folded up in under a minute, and 4 easy steps - and because of its compact and light weight design can be single handily and easily maneuvered through door ways to be stored in a cupboard or a space less than three quarters of a meter squared. The unique tie down method elevates the need for seal savers on your forks and any damage occurring from front suspension compression. The FMT™ standard colour is Jet black however it can come in a range of colours to suit any brand of motorcycle and or preference.

Why buy an FMT? (Folding Motorcycle Trailer)

They save people space – at home, business in the workshop, shed, garage etc Versatile, fold away, compact, Multipurpose trailers – 4 trailers in 1. Heavy duty Easily maneuverable with bike on or off Fits in most car boots (when folded up) Fast and easy assembly Light to tow Economical to transport bikes, furniture, garden waste etc Ute remains undamaged and allows for extra luggage to be carried. All fixtures are stainless steel 304 and all frame-work is galvanized to ensure long durability.

How fast can it go?

It can go on and off road at any speed up to 100km/h safely.

What does it weigh?

  • Single track – 60kg and can be broken down into 2 parts of 25kg and 35kg.
  • Double track – 85kg and can be broken down into 3 parts of 25kg, 25kg and 35kg.

What are the maximum load capacities for each folding trailer?

  • Single track FMT – Max load is 290kg with a GTM of 350kg (Gross total mass)
  • Double track FMT – Max load is 265kg with a GTM of 350kg
  • Flat top – Max load is 265kg with a GTM of 350kg
  • Box top – Max load is approx 250kg with a GTM of 350kg.
  • The new models will have a GTM of 450kg


  • Fold away box for domestic jobs and extra luggage when travelling
  • Additional track for 2 motorcycles
  • Flat top for All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) - Quad Bikes
  • Box top for multipurpose use – ie moving house, garden waste, equipment, soil, garbage removal etc


1390mm high, 557mm wide, 448mm deep when the trailer is folded up.